• Students need to be able to do homework that is assigned, either independently or with help from another person they are familiar with.
  • Students must have transportation to and from tutoring sessions.
  • Students must have the ability to consistently show up ON TIME for their tutoring sessions.

CRLC works with approximately 25-35 students per year, ranging in age from 18-70.  Approximately forty percent of these students are English Language Learners.


Students are referred to the program through employers, human service agencies, school counselors, and themselves.


How We Help

  • We help students to improve literacy skills to enable them to find a better job or help with existing job requirements.
  • We help students to improve their reading comprehension, writing or math skills to enter a program at Western Technical College or another educational institution.
  • We help students to improve their comprehension, writing or math skills to make better life decisions.


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